Wednesday, 3 February 2016

About Me Summary

What was the year again? oh yes it was 2004 and beautiful little girl was born ohh stop it. Allow me to introduce myself; hi I’m Isabella, I just happen to be a year 8 student at St Joseph’s school in Oamaru. My first memory happened to be me walking into school, it was my first year of primary. I’ve been at st Joseph’s for 8 years, i started at age 5 and i am finishing at age 12.  I was born in Dunedin on the 7th of may 2004. I have three other siblings called Tom, Olly and Harriet. I live on a dairy farm in Duntroon that my dad manages. My family and I have 10 pets. My favorite sport to play is netball and I love to eat pasta.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Trip to Picton

On the 3rd of January my mum, my sister, my narnie and I all drove up to the top of the south island where we stayed at Picton. My mum hadn't been there for 26 years! We stayed at the Picton top 10 holiday parks, which had a pool and a room with table tennis, but we didn't stay in the cabins we stayed in the huge villa with three bedrooms and a huge amount of space, which was right next door to the holiday park.

 The 1st night my family walked up one road and we were at my great aunty and uncle Sue and Steven's amazing place. we had a huge chicken that was amazing (secret recipe) After that we went back home to the villa. On the 2nd day my little cousins Henry and Oscar and my aunty Anabel came over from Wellington on the ferry. When we went to pick them up I noticed down at the marina ,where the ferry stops, is an amazing park with a huge ship, food trucks, a museum and an aquarium. My cousin and I played in the park for a very long time.

The 3rd and 4th nights were well and truly the best; We stayed for two nights on a house boat. It was my great aunty and uncles boat and it's name was Orion. We had trolleys of luggage then made a chain down the the bunk rooms. After that we set to the Marlborough sounds where orca and sting ray sometimes may be.

 Once we got to our destination we were straight into our togs and wet suits and leaping off a platform at the back of the boat; not long before we noticed tons of white jelly fish just passing by, huge waves would come every now and then. Some of them had little glowing wires that were purple and my aunty said the ones that glowed are the stinging ones My mum, my cousins, my aunty and I were so amazed because we had never seen jelly fish before.

 On the second night on the boat Henry and I were jumping off the side of the boat which was great fun. Every now and then the dog had to be taken to shore in the dingy to pee and poo and Henry and I swam to shore beside the dingy. When we got to shore there were tons of jelly fish that had been washed up to shore and were stuck in the rocks dead. We had so much fun on the boat and had delicious teas.

When we got back to land we got to go to the eco world aquarium which was amazing. there were snapper, blue cod, red cod, blue penguins, a shark, sea urchins, crabs, sea slugs, tons of star fish, axolotls, tuatara,blue tonged skinks etc... The person who was there caught a tuatara and we got to pat it and its skin is actuly really soft. I also got to pat a sea urchin which isn't really that spikey. There were long necked turtles and he took one of them out of tank and put it upside down because it can turn it's self back onto it's tummy but after playing dead for a while.

On the way back we stopped in Kikora at ohau point with all the seals which was amazing because i had never seen seals before. the pups were so so cute.

Well I had the best holiday ever and didn't want to leave I'm defently going back some day.

Poppy the dog

Henry driving the boat

me jumping off the side

Henry jumping off the side

Henry and  I jumping off the side

a jelly fish

the engine room

the boat

A pipe fish we saw and caught

the pipe fish up close

another jelly fish

my cousin Oscar driving the boat

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Merry Christmas everybody and a happy new           year!